Open Sans


The Versatile Web Font For Every Occasion.

Everyone knows that in the print world Helvetica is King, but online is a completely different case. Although Arial and Helvetica are two default web fonts, when it comes to having some extra creative license with web design, Google Fonts is a great place to start.

Although Google Fonts started out with just a small handful of acceptable web fonts, it has now grown to include hundreds of free “web” fonts which can also be used for print purposes (by downloading the font as a zip file). One of the few drawbacks to this type system is that the majority of Google Fonts have only one or two cuts and have that “Google Font” feel to them.

This is where Open Sans really stands apart from the rest of the library. With a selection of ten different cuts, this font is both versatile and very clean. Although Open Sans can sometimes be know to be overused, this is a very good choice when looking for a new site-wide font for your next project.

Download it FREE Here.

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